Toad's New Mom Writes: 

Toad is adorable.  Now he crawls up next to my face and gives me kisses and he prances so cute when he's happy for both John and me.

Only one of our dogs, Dexter, is having some jealous issues so now he's in time-out back in his crate.  No action, just lots of bluff which he does with any new person or animal.  We have a crate twice the size that John brought to your house and it's blue.  So that's Toad's new sleeping quarters. We'll try him loose thru the evening and mabye overnight but may use the crate as the back up.

Toad Didn't Last Long With Us and Happy To Announce
He's Been Adopted:  Below is his original listing.

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Toad is an adorable little guy! He is a young male Shih tzu. Toad is small but is rather like a big dog in a little body. By that we mean he is solid! Toad hardly ever barks. He never yaps and is confident and friendly. Toad likes people and other dogs greeting with a wagging tail. He is calm and just wants a forever home to care and love him.