We are thrilled to announce Shadow has found his forever home.
He has been adopted by a loving family and is thriving in his new home. Shadow is loving getting so much attention from mom and dad. He loves his twice daily play and run time at the park with his new canine brother, Hampton. (also a very cool Aussie) . Shadow is learning his new name "Jackson" . The entire family is celebrating Shadow/Jackson's arrival. His transition is going extremely well.  We will be updating Shadow with new photos and messages from his family shortly. Photos, videos  and messages below are those used in his original posting while still in rescue. 

Want to See Shadow in Action?  Please look at his video clips Below.

Shadow Is Truly a Wonderful Little Dog!
Shadow is an Australian Shepherd
Small Male - Neutered (40 pounds)
UPT on Vaccine and Micro Chipped
Shadow will be two years old in June 09
He is a Blue Merle with Full White Collar and Tan Trim
(technically Shadow is a Blue Merle as he does have small patches of Merle in his otherwise black coat)

The only thing small about Shadow is his size. He has enormous personality and a sound temperament. Shadow is extremely intelligent (even for an Aussie!) . He is high energy, athletic  and eager to learn. Shadow is friendly and loves everyone! He enjoys being with other nice dogs . We've had him with small and large dogs and he enjoys playing nicely with all.  We would like to place Shadow in a home with someone who has  Aussie or herding dog experience . Shadow will do great with anyone who may want to do performance or competition events - obedience - agility- etc. He will need exercise and training. Shadow learns quickly and is very focused. His temperament is "soft" so must be willing to use only "positive" training methods. Shadow truly is a FUN dog ! He loves giving kisses to anyone that is willing to take the licks. In the right home Shadow will continue to blossom and will become an extremely devoted member of a family. Please watch his video to see Shadow in action.


See Shadows Photo Album Above for more Pictures of Shadow