Mission Statement
New Beginnings Cat and Dog Rescue Inc.

New Beginnings Cat and Dog Rescue of St. Louis is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of  abandoned, neglected, abused and homeless dogs in our area  with responsible owners.

Goals & Objectives:
RESCUE:  Prevent the euthanasia of any dog or cat that we are able by rescuing, placing in foster care to begin rehabilitation and physical care including veterinary, training and behavior modification needs.

REHABILITATION:  Evaluate the temperament of each dog to ensure that only dogs with stable temperaments are placed in new homes.  Ensure our dogs are spayed and neutered to reduce the number of unwanted dogs destroyed every year.  Ensure our dogs receive superior health care prior to placement.

Provide basic level of training and correct any behavioral problems for dogs in our program.

Our dogs receive training specific to their individual needs. Most dogs are house trained, socialized, crate-trained, leash-trained and taught basic manners.  Dogs coming from puppy mills will spend a long time with us with extensive and on-going behavior modification work.  We will endeavor  to enlist fostering from individuals willing to learn these methods and provide foster homes.

EXPOSE:  We will work to expose the needs of dogs in our care by posting them on INTERNET sites and other media available.  We will work to inform the public of the hazards of puppy mills. Partner with animal welfare organizations to adopt dogs out directly by referring potential owners. Partner with Rescue organizations across the United States to ensure that all sound dogs needing homes are helped.  We shall do whatever is possible to bring attention to the needs of the animals in our care.

INFORM:  We will try to help individuals trying to rehabilitate a dog in their possession who is showing the symptoms of having come from a puppy mill or abusive past, by suggestion of tried methods of behavior modification.  Provide training instruction for the owners of dogs with correctable behavior problems.  Encourage owners to spay/neuter their pet quality dogs.  Educate and inform the public regarding commercial breeding facilities (puppy mills) and why they should never purchase a puppy from a pet store.  We will keep a resource center in order to direct people with specific pet needs to trainers, veterinarians, books and other referral pet needs.

ADOPT:  Provide the best quality, most responsible home for each individual animal.  Ensure our placements  are in homes that will provide a safe environment with sufficient amounts of attention and interaction.  Our dog and cats  are members of the family, not just pets.  Animals placed by us having no special needs will be fully vetted with current vaccine, spayed or neutered, HW negative, micro-chipped and parasite free.

Our dogs and cats will stay in foster care until we find a home that is a good match.