Meet "Micah"!!
Micah, one of the sweetest, kindest dogs on this planet!
Australian Shepherd
Red with Copper Points
2+  Years Old
UPD on Vaccine
Heart Worm Negative
Potty Trained and Crate Trained

Micah's History

Micah came to us along with 6 other adult Australian Shepherds after being rescued from a horrendous puppy mill.  Micah was among the youngest, about a year old, as were his 3 litter-mates (Toffee, Taffy, Skittles).  His mom, Snickers was also among those arriving with Micah. (For anyone interested you can read in our "New Beginnings and Happy Tails" how his litter mates Toffee, Taffy and his mom Snickers have done in their new homes.) But this page is about "Micah".  There is no doubt that Micah was by far the most emotionally damaged by his deprived past.  His response to fear was first "flight" and when that failed, (inability to get away), going into "shut down", very much as if in a coma whenever humans were within his range of smell, sight or sound.  Whenever he was bathed he would lay flat-out on his side, toes and legs curled and rigid, frozen in the tub, resolving to allow humans to do anything they wanted to him.  He knew no other way.  In fact, we had to physically lift his head from the tub floor to keep him from drowning, as he had no way of knowing he could offer resistance.  Micah was a creature with such immense fear and lacking normal canine social development that the hardest heart could not resist feeling pity for him.

Micah's Progress in Brief

Micah has been living in his foster home where he's being rehabilitated.  This has been over a period of time with many tiny steps leading him toward "wholeness".  He has not "shut down" in a very long time.  He has learned that his foster family is something good.  He's learned to actually enjoy being touched and has learned to "play" and wag his tail.  Micah has attended "shy dog" classes which never fail to help him along a bit more.  This page does not afford the space to write each little step that Micah has taken.  He's come a very long way.

Micah Now

Micah is living comfortably and happily in his foster home. He's learned to trust and loves affection from the family.  He no longer hides but prefers to be in the same room with the family.  He gets along very well with other dogs.  He is still fearful of strange people and new places.  Micah is intelligent and will do anything that he clearly understands without hesitation when in a stress-free environment.

Be An Angel for Micah

To the right is a recent training clip of Micah and a few other dogs rescued from a puppy mill.