We know losing a beloved pet is immensely painful.  Often this event leaves us with many questions that we do not in truth know the answers.  We would like to offer a suggestion you may find of comfort. 

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God Bless
 1994- May 19th, 2008
Pistachio lived an untamed life in the woods behind our home.  That was about 14 years ago.  I didn't care much for him.  He was a "Tom-Cat" who often came and attacked our own cats, sometimes hurting them.  At the sight of  humans he fled like a wild thing.  Our son Tommy, being the compassionate kid that he was, began following Pistachio deep into the woods laying food on logs.........over time drawing Pistachio closer and closer to our yard.  Often Tommy sat for hours at a distance urging this feral cat to trust him. In time Pistachio no longer fled when people appeared. Eventually he allowed Tommy to "touch" him, and finally stroke and even pick him up.
After being neutered he no longer fought the other cats.  With nutrition, medical needs met and love he suddenly blossomed into one of the most kind, gentle, loving cats around, one of those animals that seemed to be grateful.  That was many years ago. 
Pistachio's heart was pure.  He just needed someone to touch it.  What a dear little thing he was.  He became a joy and enriched our lives.  Age took him from us with liver failure yesterday. We shall miss Pistachio for a very long time.

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