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A Message from Louie's new mom:
Here are some photos of Louie with his new “style”.  He went to Gypsy’s former groomer yesterday, and got his new look.  We decided a sleek look would be easier for us to manage than the longer “skirt” and tail.  He is very successful at getting us trained.  He has added a lot of joy to our life.  He certainly matches our gray hair, but he has a little more dark color than we do!
These will give you a better idea of Louie’s total sleek new look.  Next time he gets his photo taken, he will have a darker back drop, so he stands out a little more.

Louie's new mom tells us they now refer to him as "King" Louie...

Feb 24 2009
Today is a celebration. Louie was officially adopted one year ago, and there could not be a more perfect companion.
Thank you for allowing us to adopt this wonderful furry friend!