Congratulations Gypsy !!  Gypsy has found her forever home and will be loved and cared for - the rest of her life ! We are so happy for Gypsy and her new owners !

Gypsy is a very nice girl just waiting to find her forever home.
Gypsy is a mix - most likely husky, shepherd,  yellow lab - She is unique !
Gypsy was found running along a highway when one of our volunteers found her.
She was very thin and dirty but thrilled to have someone offer her a ride and
food. She has gained weight and become the picture of health. Gypsy is about
1 year old . She weighs 59 pounds. (making her about the size of a medium lab)
Unlike many young dogs of the breeds she seems to have come, she is extremely
gentle and quiet. She does not lack confidence but is calm in nature, not
lacking of a great personality. Gypsy is friendly and loves everyone - especially kids. Due to her
gentle nature Gypsy is an easy dog to manage and we believe will train easily. We would
strongly recommend clicker or other positive training methods for Gypsy.  Her
coat is beautiful without a great  deal of undercoat . (less shedding than a husky or shepherd)
Gypsy has a lovely shaped head, with great expressive eyes. She is up to date on vaccines,
heart worm negative, spayed and micro-chipped. Gypsy must have a fenced in yard . As with
all our pets we require homes planning to make them a part of the family keeping
them as indoor pets.
Please enjoy Gypsy's Photo Album by clicking on the first photo below. Scroll photo to find link to next photo please.