Losing a beloved pet is always painful, leaving a vast void in our lives.  Often we struggle within our very souls yearning for answers.  Why does a loving God bless us with a love so freely given by animals for such a relatively short time, causing such sorrow?  

For anyone seeking in earnest answers about animals in God’s plan, we strongly recommend the book Gods’ Creatures - A Biblical View of Animals written by Susan Bulanda. 

Susan answers such questions as: Will your pet go to Heaven?  Do animals think?  Do they have a soul?  And much more.  This book is for Christians and non-Christians who want to know what the Christian scriptures say about animals.  Susan Bulanda is a certified animal behavior consultant, who blends modern science with Scripture.  For more information or to order the book, please go to Susan's web site www.sbulanda.com.
You can find additional  ordering information on our site at “Helpful Links” - Sub page: “Recommendations”.

For any who gets Susan’s book, I hope it brings comfort to your sorrow and  strength and restoration to your spirit.

God Bless