Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Charge an Adoption Fee and What Does This Money Go Towards?

An adoption fee is expected from every approved adopter.  The fee is used to offset the cost incurred by us as expenses in caring for the animals in our care.  Seldom does this fee cover the actual cost to us for each animal.  For example:  Every dog is taken to a veterinarian for an initial exam and heart worm test, is given all vaccines, is micro-chipped, treated for worms, put on monthly heart worm preventative (Heart-Guard Plus) and monthly flea/tick preventative (Front-line Plus).  Then they are either spayed or neutered.  This is merely the routine care each are given.  Many come to us with more than routine needs.  We provide whatever medical needs called for to restore the animal to good health.  Some come to us in need of training and when possible are enrolled in training classes.

Adoption fees are also a way to help us screen potential adopters regarding their commitment to having a new pet.

Further, experience seems to prove that if a person can not afford the adoption fee most likely they can not in reality afford to have and care for a pet.  It is very realistic to expect an average annual cost of merely maintaining a "healthy" pet to far exceed our adoption fee.  
How Much Is The Adoption Fee and When Is It Due?

Our Current Adoption fee is $200.  The fee is due upon acceptance of the pet and may be paid for by cash or check.

Where Are You Located?

We are in the vicinity of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area - MO.

Will You Do Long Distance Placements of Pets (Out of State)

Yes,  if  a person is approved and appears wanting and able to provide one of  our pets with a wonderful new forever home we will consider a long-distance placement.  However, in most cases this will require the person to travel here to pick up the pet.  We will NEVER ship a pet. 
Can We Come See a Pet That We Are Interested In?

For the security of our volunteers,generally a pre-visit will not be an option.  Our general rule is to allow visits with a particular pet only after an application as been submitted and approved.  Also, since we are volunteers most of us simply do not have time to spare on visits with people either not serious, or those that may not be approved as able to provide a good home. 

Once the application is approved we will work to make a visit possible if requested.

Can You Recommend a Vet, Groomer, Boarding Facility or Trainer to Us?

Yes, we will do everything we can to help you to care for your pet.  We are familiar with many animal professionals in our area and will be more than happy to lead you to those you require.
What If After We Take a Pet We Find That It Isn't Working Out For Us?

Our goal is for each pet to find the "right fit" and home for life.  We try to match the pet with owner's suitability.  We do this by making judgments pertaining to  the animals temperament, energy, and size, along with other factors. We compare that with the owners expectations,  life-style, time available for a pet and so forth.  We understand that things sometimes change in life making the ability to keep a pet difficult.

We also realize that although we try to make the match fit , there is always room for error.

If for any reason a pet is not working out, we not only will immediately take the pet back but in fact it will be a part of the adoption contract.  Owners will be required to agree and sign a contract stating that if for any reason they no longer want, or become unable to keep a pet from us that they must return the pet to us.