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Dunkins New Family Has Written the Following:
Dunkin, aka Andy, is doing great!  All of the kids are thrilled.  The 2 that are away at school can't wait to come home & meet him.  What a sly way to get an extra visit from your kids.

So far there hasn't been an issue about transition.  It's like he has always been here.  He took to my oldest son & his friends right away.  Jackie fell in love at first sight & him to her.  He has been Keith's shadow since Tommy & Laura left.
He has been up & down the steps a 100 times.  He met the neighbors dogs.  One neighbor called & asked who was the new kid on the block.  He slept on the floor of my room most of the night, at about 1:30 - 2:00 he must have decided the bed looked better than the pillow he had on the floor & jumped right up.

He is learning new tricks - sit, sit up, lay & shake.  He has mastered lap sitting :)  The kids have all made it home to visit, a couple of times now, just to see him.  Eric has been home twice now to see him.  On the 2nd visit I found Dunkin sleeping with him.  He still fears strange men, but not as bad as he did.  We keep inviting people over, in hopes he will become more comfortable with others.  We have lots of pics, but you can't see his face on most of them.  He is either in constant motion or has his face buried in a lap.  We love it, he is such a cuddler!