If you care about helping animals....
If you can not adopt an animal yourself.....
If you'd like to help us get more needy animals into good homes...
If you'd like to be part of finding a homeless dog his "New Beginning".....
Please consider making a donation

Donate to New Beginnings Cat and Dog Rescue

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Each and Every donation to New Beginnings Cat and Dog Rescue is immensely appreciated!!
Each and Every donation is Greatly Needed!!

All donations are tax-deductible.

All donations will go in entirety to meet the needs of animals in our care.  This means 100% of your donation will be used directly for the animals.  We have NO overhead expenses.  We are 100% volunteers.

We work hard to provide quality care for the animals while trying to find the least expensive way to meet those needs.  We will not waste your money. 
Why Should You Consider Making A Donation to
New Beginnings Cat and Dog Rescue?
We really have no answer for that question.  We know there are tons of really good organizations out there doing a great job to help animals who also need your support.  We also know that for many in today's economy times may be difficult.  The only answer we have to give is that we are small and every penny will help.  We promise to use care with the use of your money.  Lastly, we will be extremely and sincerely grateful to anyone that wishes to give us any amount.  No gift is too small to make a difference. 
You may designate your donation to be used in a specific way-such as:
A Specific Available Dog by Name
Medical Needs
Spay/Neutering Expenses
Heart Guard Plus (preventative monthly med for heart worm)
Frontline Plus (flea/tick preventative-monthly applications)
Micro-Chip Fees

Donations NOT designated will be used for our Most Urgent Need
How Are Donations Used?
As you know, caring for animals cost money. Caring for injured, ailing, or deprived animals (as many are when they come into our program) cost more.  There is the initial medical cost of each animal upon arrival which goes something like this: Initial veterinarian exam; test for parasites and heart-worm; routine vaccinations; micro-chipping, applications of flea/tick preventative monthly, heart-worm preventative; spaying or neutering and of course initial treatment for any urgent medical condition or injury.  The cost of this basic care runs anywhere from approximately $250 -$450 and upward depending on the severity of the medical condition of each animal.

Donations are also used to cover basic provision such as: food; grooming supplies; collars, leashes; cleaning supplies; crates; bedding; dishes and so on and so forth.

Dogs with special needs as well as unsocialized dogs, or dogs with extremely poor manners benefit by attending training classes.  Since our goal is to nurture the dogs in such a way to enable each to become "successfully" placed in an adoptive home occasionally this requires taking the dog to a training class.

We require an adoption fee to help cover some of this expense.  Presently our adoption fee is $200.  Clearly this fee seldom will cover the expenses we've provided for each animal.  Donations are used to cover the rest .