"Special Needs"

Meet "Breeze"!!
Australian Shepherd
Female - Spayed
3 Years Old
Up to Date on Vaccines
Breeze has a story that is long and sad.  Breeze was used as a breed dog at a horrible puppy mill. She was so thin at arrival, no one (not even the vet) realized that she was pregnant until two weeks later when she delivered six puppies on one cold night.
This put Breeze in quite a dilemma.  Like all dogs that live in puppy mills, everything terrified her.  She had only experienced in her short life the dark interior of a filthy crate, never anything more.  She was afraid of the earth, grass, movement of any kind, sounds, objects, but the most terrifying thing to Breeze were human hands and the "being" behind those hands.  Imagine the terror!  She finds herself  inside a house, strange smells, sounds, noises, and worse humans are often in her space.  By the way speaking of space, Breeze was also afraid of "space" as she'd never experienced it before.  Her very soul was being torn by the maternal drive and instincts to care for her puppies while she was living out, to her, the worse nightmare of now being placed in this new environment.  I remember quietly opening the door into her room, hearing the whirl as she flew from the whelping box to the furthest corner where she'd hit the wall and slump into a tight curling ball of trembling fur, a lump of shaking hair.  Yet, she'd still garner enough courage to offer occasional worried glances at the whimpering puppies she'd left.  This was how it all started with Breeze.  This was about two years ago.

This page, nor the purpose of the page, does not offer the time or space to tell all that has happened with Breeze over the last two years.  Some thought she was "hopeless", too damaged to come past the baggage of her past.  We never believed that and we were right. In a nutshell, it's been many very tiny steps toward wholeness.  We celebrated her first tail wag, her first play bow, her demonstrating "bonding" and way too many other things to list.

Today Breeze is comfortable living with her foster family.  She no longer wishes to hide.  She is happy and playful. She loves affection!!  She is also sometimes "quirky", at times skittish.  The word "sweet" is too limited to describe Breeze. She is VERY sweet!  She has learned "trust" in her care-givers.  Breeze remains afraid of most strangers and new places.
Although Breeze is doing OK in her foster home, dogs can not generalize.  Therefore, transitioning to a new home will be difficult, as she will be unable to apply what she's learned to a new home with new people.  She needs a person who will understand that; a person who will have a heart that will believe in Breeze and be willing to make a commitment using methods we know work for her to continue her rehabilitation.

Breeze (or any puppy mill survivor) isn't the dog for everyone.  But for those that have the heart, are able and willing to make the commitment, the rewards are tremendous.
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We are working to add more about Breeze's full story with photos on an upcoming page on our site.
If Breeze has touched your heart, if you'd like to help her but don't feel adopting a dog like Breeze is for you, PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION DESIGNATED FOR BREEZE (any amount will be welcome). One of the things we do to help rehabilitate Breeze is take her to classes.  Although gratefully we get a discount, classes do cost money, as well as the expense of providing all of Breeze's routine needs.

Breeze & Toffee Rehab Time